MOTORISTS are being warned to slow down following some of the speeds clocked by police during a current speeding campaign.

Take a look at the following three offences recorded during the National Police Chiefs' Council speed initiative.

  • One driver was doing 100mph in a 60mph zone;
  • Another was spotted at 90mph in a 50mph zone;
  • And the third did 88mph in a 40mph zone.

Which of those offences would you think was the worst?

None of them are anything to be proud of.

But the 100mph driver was travelling at 66 per cent over the limit.

The 90mph driver was doing 80 per cent above the limit.

The 88mph driver was 120 per cent over the speed limit.

An Avon and Somerset Police roads policing spokesperson said: "But it's not just this month - we're out all year.

"We've even invested in new kit to help us better target those who pose the greatest risk on our roads."