CHARD is set to host the sixth Britain’s Disabled Strongman competition.

Gary Clarke, who founded the competition in 2015, is organising this years event at Holyrood Academy.

For the past two years in the town, the competition has been held at The Guildhall.

The UK Championships will be held on Sunday, September 5, from 10am until 5pm.

“Thank you to all the sponsors and everyone that has helped, it is good to be back after disturbance from the pandemic,” said Mr Clarke.

“The last few years of the competition have been fantastic, we have had more than 500 people watching.

“This year, we will have the max log lift, the axle deadlifts, the front hold, the giant dumbbell press and the stone medley (a mix of atlas stones and natural stones).

“The standard of these athletes increases every year and it really is a spectacle of determination and strength.

“It is a great day out for all the family.”

The competition will be judged by the founder of Disabled Strongman, Arnar Mar Jonsson. It was founded in Iceland in 1996.

The Chard event will also be judged by Magnús Ver Magnússon, four time World’s Strongest Man.

As well as being event organiser, Mr Clarke also takes part in the competition as a strongman with cerebral palsy.

“Thank you to Holyrood Academy for their help with setting this up,” added Mr Clarke.

“We started with about 10 competitors and now we’re up to about 30.

“This unique event has been a sell-out the past two years.”

Tickets to the event costs £6.

To book visit