Boris Johnson will not be appearing at PMQs today (Wednesday, June 29) and will be replaced by Deputy Prime Minister, Dominic Raab.

The Prime Minister is unable to attend due to his presence at the ongoing NATO summit in Madrid, Spain.

Johnson is there urging fellow nations to continue their support of Ukraine throughout the Russian invasion.

He wrote on Twitter: “At this @NATO Leaders’ Summit, I’ll be urging fellow nations to continue to do everything they can to support Ukraine.

“The UK has always played a historic role in the @NATO alliance, working to address the biggest global threats and build a more secure world.”

The NATO Summit was kicked off with the news that Turkey has backed both Sweden and Finland’s bid to join the alliance, lifting previous objections.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has prompted Sweden and Finland to abandon their long-held non-aligned status and apply to join the security body.

What time is PMQs?

PMQs gets underway at the usual time of 12pm.

How to watch PMQs?

You can watch PMQs live via the UK Parliament website and YouTube channel.

It is also likely to be broadcasted on tv by all major news channels.