A new Channel 4 reality series will take 24 ordinary people back to the very basics.

The Simpler Life will see 24 Britons swapping their busy, everyday lives to live in an Amish community in Devon.

The reality show will send them to live on 40-acre farmland owned by an Amish family of five from Ohio.

The contestants will see any form of technology taken away from them, including phones, internet, mains electricity and gas. 

The community will have to build their own barn and pig ark to house their livestock, as well as use a horse and cart to travel to the local town. 

The project will be overseen by world-renowned psychologist Barry Schwartz who, in his bestselling book, The Paradox of Choice, argued that rather than bringing us happiness, the choices available to us in modern life only make us feel more stressed and that too much choice makes us unhappy.

Who is in The Simpler Life? 

  • Penny, 44, and her daughters Dilara, 15, and Azara, nine, from South London
  • Kevin, 25, from Wigan
  • Brother and sister Jacob, 21, and Poppy, 16, from Manchester
  • Twin brothers Jamie and Jerome, 21, from South London
  • Couple Joseph, 34, and Victoria, 28, from West London
  • Harry, 40, from Gloucestershire
  • Maty, 24 from Bristol
  • Fran, 33, from Liverpool
  • Couple Andrew, 53, and Gary, 50, and adopted sons Ki, 11, and Tommy, six, from Portsmouth
  • Engaged couple Darren, 48, and Hazel, 52, from Bradford
  • Toby, 56, from Lincolnshire
  • Couple Frankie, 35, and Keely, 32, and children Dylan, 10 and Dolcie, eight, from Norfolk

Chard & Ilminster News: The Simpler Life take 24 Britons back to basics (Channel 4)The Simpler Life take 24 Britons back to basics (Channel 4)

Who is the Amish family? 

Lloyd and Edna, both 55, are from Millersburg, Ohio. 

They have six children and seven grandchildren and have been married for 34 years. 

They live on their own organic dairy farm in Ohio where they have 60 cows and start their day at 3.30am. 

Three of their children, Judy, 20, Japheth, 22, and Jerald, 25, will feature on the show. 

Lloyd Miller said: “I hurt for the younger generation, who are so isolated and plugged into technology - there is nothing like a physical handshake or eye contact.”

What is an Amish lifestyle? 

The Amish are a community of traditional Christian followers who believe the way they live and their religious faith are inseparable and interdependent.

The religion is a type of Anabaptist Christianity, which came from Switzerland in the 17th century. 

In the 18th century, many Amish migrated to Pennsylvania to escape religious persecution. 

There are around 340,000 Amish people in the US. 

They are well known for their self-sufficient lifestyle and most don't generally use electricity, telephones or cars. 

They also believe in traditionalist roles where men provide food and women take care of domestic tasks. 

It is common to see Amish men dressed in black hats and dark suits with straight-cut coats. 

Women tend to wear bonnets, dresses and shawls to cover their shoulders. 

:: The Simpler Life will air on Channel 4 at 9.15pm on Tuesday, March 22.