Asda has announced that it will offer Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK a guaranteed job interview.

It will also provide specialist support to those who are successful and recruited as Asda staff.

The supermarket at present has around 1,500 salaried and hourly paid roles available in stores, warehouses and within its sourcing and procurement arm IPL.

Asda has said it would welcome applications from Ukrainian refugees to fill these roles.

The supermarket has also confirmed that it will make a colleague discount card and access to wellbeing support services immediately available to any Ukrainian refugees joining the business, with the intention of helping them establish themselves in their new community.

Ukrainian-language welcome packs will also be created. This is to highlight the support available and introduce badges for Ukrainian speaking colleagues to wear in stores to help customers from the country feel welcome.

Asda’s Chief People Officer, Hayley Tatum, said: “We can’t imagine how difficult the last few weeks have been for those people who have been forced to abandon their homes and seek refuge abroad. We want to support those Ukrainian refugees who come to the UK by helping them find employment as this will give them the stability and security needed to help build a new life for themselves.”    

Ukrainian nationals wishing to apply for a job with Asda, will simply need to tick a box confirming their nationality on the Asda job site, while IPL applicants will just have to provide their nationality when they apply.

Interviews will be guaranteed to candidates with the appropriate qualifications for the roles advertised – which include warehouse operatives, retail colleagues, delivery drivers, pharmacists and optometrists.

Earlier this month, Asda announced a £1m package to support displaced Ukrainian families in Europe and the UK. It also made a £250k corporate donation to UNICEF and delivered essential supplies including George clothing, nappies, toiletries, period products and food to the Polish border for onward distribution in Ukraine.

Asda removes Russian products from shelves

The supermarket has also announced recently that it would be removing all products that originate from Russia from both stores and online.

Mohsin Issa, Asda’s co-owner, said: “We stand with our customers and colleagues who are shocked by the Russian invasion of Ukraine - and our thoughts are with those people whose lives are affected by this crisis.

“The community spirit that is at the heart of Asda extends beyond our own borders and we’re proud to have worked with a range of partners in the UK to provide practical and meaningful support for Ukrainians at home and for those who continue to seek safety in neighbouring countries.”

Asda job vacancies can be viewed on the website here.