Sir David Attenborough will present a new nature show which is set to air this weekend, perfectly ringing in the new year.

The Green Planet will begin on BBC One at 7pm on Sunday January 9 and explores plants around the world like never seen before. 

Sir David, 95, has travelled across the globe with the BBC Studios' Natural History Unit to uncover the environment in places like Costa Rica, Croatia and northern Europe.

The series uses new filming techniques to allow viewers to enter the world of plants from their perspective and timescale. 

Speaking to the BBC, Sir David said: "There has been a revolution worldwide in attitudes towards the natural world in my lifetime.

"An awakening and an awareness of how important the natural world is to us all.

"Over half the population of the world according to the United Nations is urbanised, live in cities, only seeing cultivated plants and never seeing a wild community of plants.

"But that wild community is there, outside urban circumstances normally, and we depend upon it. And we better jolly well care for it."

The first episode, Tropical Worlds, looks at plants that are crammed together in topical forests and the intense competition this creates. 

The series premiered at Glasgow's Pacific Quay IMAX on the eve of COP26 in front of an invited audience. 

The Green Planet will air on BBC One at 7 pm on Sundays, starting Sunday, January 9.