Following the release of Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency, Google searches around mental health have increased. 

Searches for "male suicide" increased by 733%, amongst other key mental health terms after the documentary was released earlier this week. 

The raw film follows the radio presenter's attempts to deal with the suicide of his best friend that tragically tore through the lives of so many close to him. 

At just 31-years-old the tragic and sudden death of radio producer Joe Lyons, shocked the team on Capital including the son of Spandau Ballet's Martin Kemp. 

In this hard-hitting and emotional journey through the grief process, Roman Kemp shines a light on an issue that has reached a crisis point in Britain.

He said:"More than three quarters of men feel unable to confide in those closest to them about their problems.

"It’s no coincidence that on the same day we lost Joe, the police force found seven other men his age in the same situation."

On his quest for answers, Kemp learns why increasing numbers of young men are taking their own lives and what more can and should be done. 

The hour-long episode on BBC One explored the silent emergency of male suicide and has led to a direct increase in search traffic across the web. 


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Looking at Google search data, male skincare brand, MESOA for Men, uncovered the positive impact of the documentary - delving a little deeper than comments visible to the public on social media.

Key stats can be seen below: 

“Male suicide” - increased by 733%

“Roman Kemp” - increased by 1567%

Most popular times for someone to search “suicide help” was between 12am and 3am, searches in this timeframe increased by 267% after the documentary aired

After the documentary was broadcast, searches for “suicide help” increased by 344%, when compared to the same time previously

Matt Jones, MESOA for Men Founder, commented on the impact of Roman’s documentary and how men can look after their mental health:

“There is a stigma that surrounds male mental health; the thought of mental health problems makes you weak is a very dangerous message. We are so proud of Roman for facing his fears and laying his troubles on the table. In doing so, it seems he’s helped so many bite the bullet and ask for help, too.

“It’s so important for people to reach out if they’re feeling indifferent, no matter who they are. This first step is often hardest to take, because men don’t want to feel ‘weak’, but documentaries like this from Roman help to squash that stigma. Regardless of the time of your wobble, there is always someone to talk to, and it is crucial that men realise that they genuinely aren’t alone. We’ve all been there and are keen to listen.”

Roman Kemp: Our Silent Emergency is available now on BBC iPlayer, if you are affected by anything mentioned in this article please visit