Louis Skupien, a podcaster from Barrington near Ilminster, has reached 250,000 views in one week.

He is the host of TALK4 Podcast, a platform where he interviews personalities from various fields including the military, AI, world champions, internet celebrities, and more.

Mr Skupien has the knack of asking the right questions of his guests which has helped him gain a growing audience.

He said: "Being part of these conversations and building up my platform to the stage where I can welcome the calibre of guests I bring to the show has helped me ask the right questions to the right people, which has taken me to the next level in my endeavours and personal life".

Chard & Ilminster News: A number of big name guests from the military, AI, internet celebrities and more have been

Such success that led him to recently hit a quarter of a million views, a number, he explained, that just a few weeks ago seemed a distant goal.

Among his recent episodes is an interview with Samuel "RaZZ" Larson, a demonstration pilot for the F-22 Raptor fighter jet at US air shows.

Louis Skupien said: "That episode, which launched a week ago, is my fourth ranked podcast in size just underneath actor Neil Brown JR from SEAL TEAM & The Walking Dead".

The TALK4 Podcast has been a catalyst for some notable experiences for the Barrington man, including flying in a fighter jet and executing flips in a helicopter.

Chard & Ilminster News: He has flown in a fighter jet before

Looking ahead, the podcaster plans to continue hosting high-profile and big name guests.

He mentioned being in contact with the Pentagon to secure a future guest, and his recent booking of the senior enlisted advisor to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

Mr Skupien noted: "This is a guest that I anticipate will deliver one of the most profound talks on leadership out of my 104+ episodes now, I’m buzzing.

"The bigger the following around the show gets, the bigger the guests get too in quality and fame".

Louis Skupien's TALK4 Podcast is available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Podcasts.

For more information about the podcaster, and the show in general, visit his official website via louisskupien.com.