GREEN Ilminster will hold its annual general meeting next month.

The group will meet on Tuesday, March 5 at 6.30pm at Sweet Surprise on Silver Street.

The event will be followed by Green Drinks at 7.30pm at the Dolphin.

The group recently worked with the Woodland Trust to get more information about the Ancient Tree Inventory.

A spokesperson said: “For the past four years we have been planting trees locally and will soon be able to celebrate our 4,000th planting.

“A lot of these trees have been supplied to us by the Woodland Trust and recently one of their officers came to talk to us about their Ancient Tree Inventory.

“This is a great example of citizen science at work. Anyone is free to add what they believe to be an ancient tree onto their map, via their website.

“This is important because ancient trees play a critical role in supporting a wide diversity of birds, insects, and lichen for example.”