A HUSBAND-AND-WIFE team is getting ready to run a popular country shop in Ilminster.

Tab and Dave Allen saw an opportunity when the owners of the Rose Mill Feeds had to step down due to personal reasons.

Tab and Dave, who were regular customers, decided to take over to keep the business a family-run one.

The husband-and-wife team will open Rose Mill Feeds on Saturday, February 10, from 9am to 4pm.

The country shop is based on Unit 5, Westcombe Trading Estate on Station Road, Ilminster, and offers a wide range of equine products, animal feeds, pet supplies, bedding, and gardening goods.

They thought the shop had to remain independent and family-run.

They also thought, therefore, that running Rose Mill Feeds was “a lovely opportunity” that would also preserve the independent business scene of the town.

Tab said: “The previous owners closed just before Christmas due to health reasons. We used to buy our dog food from them. My husband and I just thought it was a shame.

“Ilminster has a lot of independent businesses so we thought it would have been a lovely opportunity. The shop always had a nice atmosphere.

“We have three children so eventually this will be their Saturday job and we are hoping to turn this into a family business.”

Tab said the shop will provide animal feeding for horses, sheep, pigs, dogs, turkeys, and pet food, and will also have gardening tools on sale.

On the opening day this weekend, there will be tea, coffee, and cakes and Tab said the event will be an opportunity to meet her and her husband Dave.

Tab added: “I just hope we can do them proud. They loved their businesses; it was their baby. They put so much effort into it.

“We hope we can bring it back to where it was and help it to flourish. This is what I want to create for us here.”