A GROUP that will be responsible for planning events and fundraising for Ilminster Library held its first meeting.

The Friends of Ilminster Library met to appoint a chairperson, treasurer, and secretary and discuss ideas for the future.

A spokesperson for the group said: “In January, a meeting was held at lIminster Library to form an exciting new group of ‘Friends’ who will be responsible for planning events and fundraising at the town’s library.

“After a brief AGM at which a chairperson, treasurer and secretary were appointed, the group went on to brainstorm ideas for the future.

“Fourteen people signed up as Library Friends and a host of ideas were discussed.

“The first of these is an Afternoon Tea and Social which will be held at Ilminster Library on Friday, February 9 at 2.30pm and everybody is welcome so come along and enjoy some tea and cakes, a book quiz and chat to some of the new Library Friends.

“Have you got any bright ideas for events the Friends can organise? Let’s hear them.

“Or would you like to be useful and just make the tea? Everyone who would like to be involved in any way is more than welcome.

“We really need a good strong band of people to help our library progress and maintain its opening hours in the light of forthcoming cuts from Somerset Council.”