AN INITIATIVE set up to provide residents with comfortable spaces to help tackle the cost-of-living crisis and the rising cost of fuel has moved to a different location.

Ilminster’s Warm Spaces left the Minster Rooms and moved to the iconic circular lounge at Muchelney House on the corner of Canal Way and Wharf Lane.

The town’s Quakers who run Warm Spaces say that Muchelney has been very helpful and that the room is ideal, much larger, and able to allow quiet chats in one corner and lively games in another.

They said: “The only problem is the front door which looks rather shut but is just keeping the warmth in. Don't be put off, just ring the bell; we are there waiting to welcome you.”

Warm Spaces are particularly important, providing a warm environment for families and individuals who need it.

People seek extra warmth for all sorts of reasons, whether they cannot afford to heat their homes or their fossil fuel-fed boilers have broken down or they refuse to use them for environmental reasons, and they can all share the warmth of Muchelney House instead.

The Quakers and their two WI volunteers organise “light entertainment,” games, and films, and the extra space allows for people to have quiet time as well.

And there is tea, or coffee, with sandwiches and cake, all for free.

The Quakers are very welcoming. I suspect you’d be welcome even if you just wanted to play games.

Warm Spaces is open from 2 to 4pm every Sunday afternoon from now until the end of February.

For further information contact Elspeth Waldie,