THE Minster Milers and Ferne Animal Sanctuary came together on Saturday to launch the next phase of preparation for the Minster Milers’ Mash 2024 10k Race and to visit some of the many animals that the Mash 2024 will help to support.

The launch presented the final design of the beautifully enamelled metal medal to reward those taking part and a goody bag stacked with local products and offers.

Milers’ chair, John Cusack, said: “Ferne Animal Sanctuary and the Minster Milers are pulling out all the stops to make this the best running event we can.

“Ferne has been working so hard to build the list of sponsoring companies and develop the medal and publicity designs.

“Milers have been raising awareness of the return of the Mash amongst the running community across Somerset and the South West.”

Freddy the Dog, the Ferne Mascot has been challenged to develop his running skills between now and 7th April, to take part in the 6.2-mile event.

The normally effusive canine was somewhat quiet at the prospect of completing the course. However, he should be reassured that with the support of the Milers, anyone who has the determination can build up to it.

The Milers are keen that people who are new to running longer distances can set the Mash 2024 as a target for the New Year.

Anyone who wants to take part in the Mash can contact the Milers who will support them in preparing for the event.

The regular Wednesday evening Milers club night includes social 5k (37-47minutes), 5k (30-35minutes) and 10k (60-65minutes) runs providing a series of running groups to reach the goal.

The Mash is a beautiful course starting at the Archie Gooch Pavillion in Ilminster, looping around south of the town, and then returning via the Dillington Estate to the historic centre of Ilminster.

Mr Cusack also said: “We are incredibly lucky to have such picturesque surroundings, with highlights such as Dillington House, the Ilminster Fort, and the Market Square where it is hoped that people will cheer the runners.”

Any company that would like to be involved in the Mash should contact