AT St Mary and St Peter’s Church School, in Ilton, the school’s allotment and apple orchard have seen a bountiful harvest this year.

The school’s orchard is in full fruit with a range of red and green apples and a bumper Bramley apple crop this year.

The school’s Gruffalo Class, infants aged four to seven-years-old, have been busy collecting apples in their orchard.

Not many of the school’s delicious red and green apples, ready for eating straightaway, made it home as the children munched through at least a 100 apples at playtime.

Thankfully the crop of Bramley apples were put to good use as the children peeled, chopped and prepared huge portions of apple crumble to take home and share with their families.

Headteacher Connel Boyle said: “A big part of our school’s ethos and values is using our outdoor areas to benefit learning.

"Our school allotment and orchards are loved by our children.

"Our children’s awe and wonder at growing their own fruit and vegetables is a joy to witness.

"We are now preparing our raised beds for our next crops to sow for next year.”