A CARE home in Ilminster has replied to the findings of a report that stated they “require improvements”.

A CQC report said Vaughan Lee House on Orchard Vale “requires improvements” after an inspection carried out on July 4, 2023.

These are some of the issues highlighted in the report: “People's records did not always contain all the information staff needed to provide safe care.

“Some individual risks to people were not always thoroughly assessed and mitigated, and records relating to people's care were not always complete and reviewed.

“The medicines system was not always robust. Some people were prescribed medicines to be taken when required, but there was a lack of guidance on when these medicines should be administered.

“People were not always supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives.

“The service could not always demonstrate they were working within the principles of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS).”

A message from Vaughan Lee House said: “Vaughan Lee House prides itself on the care, kindness, family inclusion, and person-centered care focus that it has provided the community over its more than 50-year history.

“We strongly feel that this latest CQC inspection report should be seen in the context of events over the last few years which have seen the care industry hit very hard.

“Many of the points raised are rather technical issues rather than concerns over the level of good quality care that has actually been provided.

“Following the inspection, we wrote to all family members and friends of residents and have received many responses of support and praise for the wonderful care we provide to their loved ones. We can provide copies of the text of these responses.”

Replying to the report's findings reported above, the message from the care home also read: “Although documentation may not have always been written up, staff were fully briefed on residents care needs.

“Staff handover meetings take place between each shift change whereby staff coming on to shift are updated on any changes to particular resident’s needs.

“In the short term, additional resources in terms of staff hours have been authorised to update all records as necessary. Moving forward we are planning to have a dedicated member of staff who will be responsible for maintaining documentation.

“Our care planning system incorporates risk assessments which are embedded within the care plan itself.

“Where a care plan was overdue for review, it did not fully highlight one resident's dietary needs so was not specific enough to reduce all risks relating to her medical condition.

“Staff now record the application of all daily creams that can be purchased over the counter without prescription.

“However, CQC has requested that prescribed creams used to treat specific conditions must be recorded separately to evidence improvements/that they are working. This has now been implemented.

“We are now working with GP practices and our pharmacist support team and have requested that they provide more detailed, specific guidance on the frequency these medicines should be administered.”

Replying to the CQC Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) the care home’s response said: “This relates to specific training on these subjects which we had scheduled in the training plan for this year.

“Whilst many staff have covered these subjects as part of other studies and learning, at the time of the inspection in early July, staff had not taken the specific online training course in these subjects.

“All staff will have completed this training by the end of September.”