A GROUP of residents who "have been fearful for their safety” is campaigning to implement a new speed limit through the roads of their village.

The Sea Community Action Group now plans to campaign and fundraise for traffic calming measures within Sea and Bere Mills, near Ilminster, and the surrounding area.

The group was inspired by neighbouring Kingstone’s successful fundraising campaign that achieved a new 30mph speed limit after residents raised around £4,300.

A campaign is underway to ask for a 40mph speed limit from the edge of Ilminster along the old A3037, reducing to 30mph through Sea and then remaining at 40mph until the A358 junction.

The Sea Community Action Group said “the current road has sharp bends and blind spots, is unlit, with no footpaths, and has a current speed limit of 60mph”.

A spokesperson for the action group also said: “Residents are becoming increasingly concerned about the speed of traffic using this road, the total disregard for pedestrians, who have been fearful for their safety.

“The 60-mph national speed limit has been a default in most country roads since 1977, however, since then the number of vehicles on country roads has increased exponentially.

“Rural roads are more dangerous than urban roads and motorways according to the Department of Transport making up 57 per cent of road fatalities.

“Road users in Sea comprise residents, walkers, cyclists, equestrians, and an abundance of wildlife; having a national speed within a small rural hamlet imposes many risks to the local community.”

The Sea Community Action group has contacted Ilminster Town Council and Somerset Council Traffic Management.

A spokesperson for Ilminster Town Council said: “Over the past few years the Town Council has been made aware of concerns over the speed of traffic going through Sea to and from Ilminster.

“Whilst supportive of the residents who live along the road, the town council has no powers to reduce the speed limit.

“Despite bringing concerns to both the police and Somerset Council Highways the only steps to date to reduce speed along this stretch has been some signage warning vehicles of sharp bends ahead.”

The spokesperson also added that the council will be discussing the matter further at a Planning, Highways, and Transport meeting in June.

A spokesperson for Somerset Council said: “We confirm that Somerset Council has received a request for a speed limit in Sea and that we are advising the parish council accordingly.”

The action group’s petition can be found here.