A PODCASTER has spoken of the time he recorded a podcast with the star of a popular TV series.

A year and a half ago, Louis Skupien, from Barrington, started the Talk4 Podcast which began with a simple concept of asking four questions to unique, interesting, or famous guests about their careers and expertise.

He recently published his 73rd podcast episode with a very famous actor, Neil Brown JR, the star of the hugely popular TV series SEAL TEAM.

Neil has played one of the top lead roles in the series since the very beginning all the way through to the last episode of Season 6 and will be returning for Season 7 as the fanbase and viewership is enormous.

Louis said: “Personally as a huge fan of SEAL TEAM since the very beginning and after all these years of seeing Neil appear on my screen, chatting to him was a surreal experience, to say the least.

He said he asked Neil questions about his role in SEAL TEAM and what plans he has for the future, among other things.

Louis added: “I’ve been a fan of SEAL TEAM since the airing of their first episode all the way through to present day at season 6.

“I had posters on the wall about the show and was absolutely hooked from word go and often would call it my favourite series by far.

“If someone had told me all those years ago that I would have the chance to speak to Neil who portrays Ray Perry on my podcast, I would have had a very hard time believing it.

“The excitement over having a great guest coming on the show is always awesome, but in this instance that excitement coupled with the fan in me was just amazing and felt like a real accomplishment and somewhat of a milestone on my journey and process with the podcast.”

He recorded his first podcast episode a year and a half ago based on what he described as a “quick-fire, four questions format”.

For more information about Louis and his work, you can visit the Talk4 website here

The Neil Brown episode can be seen on YouTube here.