SHEPTON Beauchamp Church School is a traditional village school with generous outside gardens for their children aged four to 11.

The school serves the communities of Barrington, Seavington and Shepton Beauchamp, lying just over 10 minutes travel from Ilminster.

As a small village school Shepton Beauchamp works closely in a federation with another nearby village school.

This allows for the sharing of staff expertise and opportunities for children to meet friends from another local school they are likely to be classmates with at secondary school in the future.

Chard & Ilminster News:

The two schools hold many trips, residentials and enrichment activities such as cycling proficiency and swimming together.

Numbers at the school have remained stable over the past few years, with the school having regular numbers of 30 to 40 children.

This has allowed for the school to tailor its exciting knowledge-based curriculum to the precise needs of the children who attend.


Ruby from Year 5 said: "We have options to choose with our learning.

"We can be independent, choose to be in groups or ask the teachers for help.

"Our teachers are all really kind.”

Oliver from Year 4 said: “The teachers are helpful and amazing.

"I really look forward to seeing my friends every day.”


Executive headteacher Connel Boyle joined the school in September 2021 and has carefully overseen the school’s rapid curriculum developments.

He will be managing the school’s exciting building improvements over the next six months, which includes a new infant playground and double glazing of the whole school site within the school’s beautiful Grade II listed building.

He said: “Our school aims to develop confident, independent and resilient children who have a love of school and a thirst for knowledge.

"We want both our children and staff to be inspired to be the best we can be.

“Our staff are incredibly hardworking and nurturing and do all they can to enrich the lives of the children in our care.

"The communities we serve and the families who attend our school are a very special group of people who give our school and each other considerable support.

"I simply cannot wait to get to school and see everyone every day.”


The school’s chairman of Governors is Terry Gibson, a former teacher herself who since retirement still finds herself spending a lot of her time in school supporting everyone.

Mrs Gibson said: “Of highest importance for us is developing our children’s spiritual, social, emotional and resilience skills.

"It will take many years for us to recover time lost during the pandemic.

"Our school is so caring and we have worked so hard to ensure we have the flexibility to meet each child’s individual needs.

"Many of these needs being so different to what schools have had to provide before the pandemic.”


Central to Shepton Beauchamp Church Schools vision is for its children to enjoy the outdoor environment, using this to help develop confidence and a love of learning.

The school has just launched its new vision and values that it plans to develop over the next ten years and these can be seen HERE.


The school’s outside grounds are a real hit with its children.

Stan from Year 2 said: “I love playing with my friends in the Rectory Garden. We have lots of equipment and I love the slide.”

The future for Shepton Beauchamp Church School is so bright.