REVISED plans have been submitted for nearly 50 homes near Ilminster.

Galion Ltd submitted a planning application to build 50 homes on the land north of Broadway Hill in March 2021.

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After numerous consultations, the applicant has now submitted revised plans for the site - for 49 homes, instead of 50.

The new plans have been created after consultations with case officers at South Somerset District Council.

Galion Ltd has made the following main changes to the plans:

  • Phosphate mitigation strategy: The applications have demonstrated that the development will be 'Nutrient Neutral' and have now submitted a private Phosphate Mitigation Strategy.
  • Open market housing: Open market housing now represents 32 dwellings, or 65% of the overall development. These homes include two two-bed properties; 20 three-bed properties and 10 four or more bedroom properties.
  • Affordable housing: Rather than segregating the affordable homes, they will now be mixed with the open market housing. There will be 17 affordable housing properties, which is 35% of the overall development - five homes will be sold as first homes at a discounted price and 12 properties will be made available for social rent through Stonewater. There will be two one-bed flats, seven two-bed houses, seven three-bed houses and one four bed house.
  • Amendments to site layout: Reduction from 50 to 49 dwellings; replacement of three one-bed bungalows on Plots 9-11 by one three-bed bungalow; provision of open space at site entrance; provision of two one-bed flats on Plots 12-13; changes to location of Affordable Housing; changes to plot boundary treatment in relation to open space provision and modifications to the Landscaping Plan and Planting Schedule.

Many residents disagree with the proposals and there are 109 objections on the application. They say the development is 'too big' for the small village of Horton, which they are concerned will cause infrastructure issues, traffic problems and more. 

One resident said: "Causing a huge strain on our small village school which already cannot cater to providing education to all the children in the villages of Horton and Broadway. The local primary school, will 100% not be able to provide education to anyone new entering the village.

"This big development will increase the risk of traffic accidents as vehicles will alter their speed to accommodate this busy big development being so close in proximity with the A303 junction.

"The development is not helping the village. Repositioning a big development onto the outskirts of a town would find the new occupants with big enough facilities to cater for it's many new neighbours. This village is too small and doesn't have the capacity to cater for an extra 49 homes, 49 extra families, especially the school."

To view and comment on the planning application visit South Somerset District Council's website and use the reference 20/03277/FUL.

The application will now go before the council who will have the final decision.