A MULTI-AGENCY drop in session is taking place in Ilminster tomorrow (November 17) to help combat the recent flooding.

The Environment Agency has organised the session, which will be at The Shrubbery in Ilminster from 12.30pm until 7.30pm.

The drop in session has been announced after South Somerset experienced severe flooding in both June and October this year.

"The Environment Agency are supporting a multi-agency drop in session to speak to residents of Ilminster who have been affected by the recent flooding," said a spokesperson for the Environment Agency.

"There will be the opportunity to speak to the Environment Agency, Somerset County Council, Somerset Rivers Authority, South Somerset District Council, Ilminster Town Council and Wessex Water, who will share information and listen to any questions that people may have.

"The drop in session will be held in accordance to current Covid rules, but people can book specific time slots.”

Somerset County Council (SCC) has said the event will help to assist the investigation into the causes of flooding in Ilminster.

"The Environment agency is hosting the event and we will be attending along with Somerset Rivers Authority and other agencies," added a spokesperson for SCC.

“We would like to hear from those directly affected by the event, or from those who witnessed it.

"This information will assist our investigation into the causes of the flooding and help all partner agencies to identify risks and potential ways to protect those vulnerable to flooding.

“Information on how to prepare for possible flooding in the future will also be available.”

Members of Ilminster Town Council (ITC) will also be attending the event, and they have said there will also be information regarding flood defences and setting up flood resilience groups.

A spokesperson for ITC added: "All of the agencies are gathering information about the flooding that occurred on October 20 and 30 in Ilminster.

"They want to hear from the residents who have been affected in any way by the flooding and there will be information regarding flood defences and setting up flood resilience groups."

To book a time slot for the session, email Vanessa.Dare1@environment-agency.gov.uk or call 07748622518.