AN application for a carnival park in South Somerset is set to be resubmitted - thanks to a town council.

Ilminster Town Council (ITC) agreed at a meeting on August 17 to be named as the applicant for South Somerset Carnival Park in a resubmitted application to South Somerset District Council (SSDC).

The original plans were submitted in 2018, but were declared invalid due by ITC due to the lack of information in the town council's minutes and uncertainty over signatures.

Now, ITC have resubmit the plans and are waiting on validation from SSDC.

South Somerset Carnival Park Committee (SSCPC), a group formed in 2015 to develop the idea of a carnival park, said they were 'very pleased' ITC backed the application once again.

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"The application remains otherwise unaltered," they said.

"All technical hurdles were previously overcome and so therefore we expect an expedient resolution later in the year.

"With out this project going ahead, the future of South Somerset Carnivals is very much held in the balance.

"We trust that as we move away from the perilous times of the last 18months - carnival may soon have some good news to celebrate just as we are about to enter what would normally be carnival season."

Chard & Ilminster News:

The plans suggest land off Longforward Lane, in between Kingstone and The Seavingtons, will be used to house the carnival clubs.

There are concerns about the suggested area, as there are no sewage and water facilities on site and everything will have to be built from scratch.

People in the neighbouring parishes have also said they are concerned about the volume of traffic that will increase on this single track road.

Questions have also been raised about the planning application fees.

The fees will be halved because the applicant is ITC, and not SSCPC.

A spokesperson for ITC said: "Yes, the fees will be halved, but SSCPC will be paying the fees, and have done a fantastic job in raising the finances for the park.

"This is a very emotive application. There are strong emotions on both sides - for those who support the plans and those who don't.

"ITC decided to resubmit the application to reiterate their support for everything the carnival clubs do."