A MAN who assaulted his partner while she was three months pregnant with his twins was warned by magistrates that any further offences could see him sent to prison.

Ryan Cleary grabbed her wrists and used her own hands to slap her in the face and then leant on her chest making it difficult for her to breathe.

The 28-year-old defendant, of Evelyn Road, Bournemouth, pleaded guilty to assaulting his partner by beating her during the incident at Ilminster on June 5.

At a previous court hearing prosecutor Emma Lenanton said that the couple were arguing about money and Cleary became angry.

“The victim was sat on the sofa when she said that the defendant needed to leave, but he then suddenly grabbed her by both wrists and used her own hands to slap her in the face,” she said.

“He was then on her chest and she found it difficult to breathe and he then went outside but returned a few minutes later.

The court was told that the victim was now intending to move to Dorset to live with her mother and had been three months pregnant at the time of the offence. She had also asked for a restraining order to be imposed.

Appearing unrepresented, Cleary said that he did not see why a restraining order had been requested as he had recently helped her move house.

“When she wants something I am the first person she phones, and I have not seen my child for a month now,” he said.

The magistrates sentenced the defendant to a 12 month community order with 120 hours unpaid work and a 10 day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement.

They did not make a restraining order saying they didn’t find it necessary and proportionate in the circumstances but did order him to pay £85 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.

They told him that if he did anything else silly in the future then custody was where he would be heading.