A YOUNG biker from Ilton has described the shocking moment he was run off the road as he appeals for witnesses to the crash.

Brenden Paul, 19, was approaching Southfields roundabout on Wednesday afternoon (October 25) when he was rear-ended.

The incident happened at around 4.15pm on A358, and saw Brenden knocked to the ground and nearly pushed into traffic on the roundabout.

He said: "I was at the front of the roundabout, about to turn left onto the A303.

"Two lorries were coming round the roundabout and the car behind me assumed I could go somehow.

"The elderly couple drove straight up my back end, and didn’t stop.

"After everything was damaged I was on top of my bike as they drove off."

Brenden said the bike is his 'pride and joy' and he saved it to buy it himself two years ago.

He added: "The damage is horrendous.

"I now have a broken gear lever, broken indicators and a smashed clutch handle.

"I’m 19. I work every day and use it for work and football and you have people on the road that do not look, and when they cause something serious they drive off. It’s not fair.

"The amount it would have cost to repair everything is ridiculous, as I can’t claim of my insurance as I’m a young driver.

"Especially to even drive off after is the worst."

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said: "I can confirm we received a report of a collision between a care and a motorbike on A358 near Southfields roundabout at 4.15pm on October 25.

"The motorcyclist fell off the bike and following the collision the car drove off.

"There were no serious injuries sustained but there was minor dmage to the motorbike."