STORMS and winds which swept through Ilminster earlier this year left many of the town’s iconic flags damaged and in much need or repair or, in some cases, replacement.

That much-needed work is now one step closer after the town’s Rotary branch donated £250 to the Ilminster Midsummer Experience.

Michael Fry-Foley, of IMEx, said: “We had 115 flags and nearly all of them were paid for by retailers. This is the first time a club has donated to the flags.

“It is absolutely brilliant, and really followed on from this year which was a particularly bad year for the flags. We have something like 70 per cent need repair.”

Veronica Horman, Ilminster Rotary president, said: “We were really upset when the storms damaged a lot of the flags and our members decided to do something about it. We really to to get them on the road to recovery.”