St Bartholomew’s CE Primary School in Crewkerne has won a Bronze Award for their global citizenship initiatives.

The award comes from Christian Aid’s Global Neighbours Scheme, in recognition of the school's efforts to produce compassionate global citizens.

Pupils and staff have participated in various projects, from creating bee gardens to sending water purifying materials to Morocco and transforming ordinary toilets into twin toilets.

The Global Neighbours scheme is an accreditation programme that honours schools assisting pupils to learn about global poverty.

Headteacher, Gemma Coward, said: "We are thrilled to be recognised for the work we have done as a whole school community.

"Our children learn about global issues regularly through the curriculum designed by staff to help our children value diversity and gain an understanding of injustice in our world and how they can make a difference."

Alison Brown, Global Neighbours Schools programme officer at Christian Aid, said: “The Global Neighbours Scheme was launched in partnership with the Church of England’s Education Office with a vision of helping young people understand more about the inequalities in this world.

“It’s wonderful to see how staff and pupils at St Bartholomew’s have taken this to heart and are seeking to tackle injustice."