STUDENTS at Wadham School celebrated their A level results on Thursday.

Will Skinner, president of the head student team was delighted with A grades in Maths, Physics and Chemistry and a B in Biology and will be reading Material Science at Imperial College London.

Sisters Nicole and Sarah Keylock secured places at Bath to study Criminology and Bournemouth to read Biological Sciences.

Amy Gardiner, inspired by Brian Cox, is heading to Manchester University to study Science with a view to specialising in Astrophysics.

Tense moments logging into the UCAS website on Thursday morning were rewarded with almost every student who applied for university securing a place.

With staff support in school a few students later used the clearing process to gain the right course in their chosen subjects.

There was a superb 98.8 per cent pass rate with 34 per cent at A* to B grade.

David Derbyshire, headteacher, said “It’s great to see some top-level performances by the academically gifted, but of course it always gives us a great deal of pleasure to see all our students moving forward from their GCSEs and flourishing in our sixth form, often exceeding expectations.

“This is a huge tribute to their hard work and a real measure of how the special environment and dedicated staff at Wadham add value. I am very proud of all the students that have graduated from Wadham this year.

"Results are difficult to compare to other years as we don't have the exact statistics.

"A levels have been reformed this year which means that there's more emphasis on the end exam and results are not carried over from the previous year.

"Obviously there are new ways to get the results through the UCAS system which means that many students find out who got their place earlier.

"It's really nice to see who got their university places and there are a lot of happy students that have come away with a place and the grades they wanted."

Caren Forsey, Head of Sixth Form said, “Whilst the focus for many is to gain a university place, we have a number of students achieving good A level results that have opted for a vocational route, going on to apprenticeships or directly into employment, some as a result of the strong relationship the school has forged with local employers,”

Students are celebrating in variety of ways ways including meeting with friends at Costa Coffee, clubbing at Neo’s in Yeovil and Zinc in Taunton and meals out with family, whilst one student said she would be gorging on ice cream and watching TV boxsets.