A CHARITABLE nine-year-old has smashed her fundraising target by having her hair cut off for a good cause.

Evelynne Cornock-Stark, of Park View, Crewkerne, was inspired to have 14 inches of hair cut off in a recent charity chop after her uncle lost his battle with cancer earlier this year.

The Maiden Beech Academy pupil’s target was to raise £350 for The Princess Trust, the cost of one wig for a child with cancer, but she has already smashed that, with her fundraising total currently topping £580.

The charity chop was completed last Tuesday, with Evey having her hair put into three plaits before a different member of the family chopped each one.

Evey said: “I recently lost my uncle to cancer and it has made me aware of the disease and that it is not just adults that get it, so I’m hoping that I will help make one child happy who has had to battle this awful illness.”

Mum Kylie Hammond said: “Evelynne sadly lost her uncle due to cancer earlier this year and because of that she then researched cancer to help find a cure.

“Sadly for her uncle it was too late, but she found that not only adults can get cancer but also children.

“She came across the Little Princess Trust and wanted to raise money and awareness for a child who has battled through this illness and to be able to send enough hair and raise enough money for one wig to be made.

“Bearing in mind one wig cost £350, she had a big target to reach but outstandingly she has raised so much more and it is still rising.

“Evey had a total of 14 inches cut off which is nearly nine years of growth.

“It was very emotional for her to not only do this in memory of her uncle Les, but also to help someone and to have all her family around her while having her hair cut.

“Her hair was put into three plaits and each cut was done by someone very special to her.

“Her nanny, Lynn Membury, not only cut one plait off but also re-styled her hair for her.

“The other plaits was cut by her auntie, Babs Membury, and her dad, Ben Cornock-Stark.

“She is a real inspiration to us all and we as a family are so proud of her.

“Evey is still trying to raise a little more if she can but her just giving page will shut on August 10.”

For more information and to donate to Evey’s cause, visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kylie-hammond1.