WITH just a few days to go, here are the Crewkerne councillors battling it out for your vote...

Marcus Barrett, Conservative

MARCUS was born in Yeovil and went to Crewkerne schools Ashlands, Maiden Beech and Wadham, before reading Law at Southampton University and training to be a barrister in London.

He has run small businesses in Crewkerne and led the district Chamber of Commerce as its volunteer chairman in the years when the town went through the challenge of the town centre Waitrose development.

He has volunteered internationally for a charity as an educationalist and has lectured in the US and Europe. Marcus was elected as a district councillor for Crewkerne and Misterton in 2015.

Marcus believes the Crewkerne area needs drive and enthusiasm at County Hall and new ways of thinking about how to back local people and local businesses.

Marcus is committed not to claim any expenses if he is elected to the County Council. Marcus stands for supporting small business and local jobs, local conservation and keeping taxes down.

Marcus says: “Our part of Somerset is great but it could be even better. I understand business and the need for local jobs for families and support for the elderly and provision for the young. As your county councillor I would bring, experience, enthusiasm and vision.”

Mike Best, Liberal Democrat

I HAVE lived in Crewkerne all of my life so have a very good knowledge of the town and its history.

I am an experienced councillor having spent 22 years on the town council (nine years as Mayor) and 12 years on South Somerset District Council (the last six years as chairman of council) so will not be phased by serving on the county council.

My wish is to continue the work carried out by our current councillor John Dyke who has ensured that Crewkerne has been well represented at County Hall.

The key areas I identified to focus on are:

  • Bus services which have been decimated by the constant cuts of the present administration making the available services restricted or not available at all.
  • Our roads which are well below the standard of other counties with potholes, substandard markings as well as the constant issue of the volume of traffic.
  • Our recycling centre which we saved from closure (despite having to accept charges) but is now at risk again due to the Government outlawing charges but with recycling a national priority we should have a free for all centre not use this opportunity to close it.

Gary Swain, Labour

I AM 49 and live in Crewkerne where I have been since 1999 when I started living with my wife. We have two children together.

Many people from Chard will know me as I stood for all councils in the 90s. I only moved over the hill.

I have been a labour member/supporter all my adult life. I am hoping to be elected to the county council and start the fight to improve so many of our public services that are being destroyed by the Conservative-led council.

There are many issues, but my own big bug bears at the moment are the state of the roads and pavements which have got beyond a joke, and the very, very poor bus services into Yeovil from Crewkerne.

The service has been cut so badly it is no longer fit for purpose. There are only four buses a day which is nowhere near good enough if you rely on them for work and the elderly travelling to and from hospital appointments must suffer hell.

I am also standing in the town by-election in Crewkerne which I believe could serve Crewkerne far better if the local Liberal Democrats were held to account by anyone at all. it has got stale after so many unopposed years.

Arthur Hamlin, UKIP

Arthur Hamlin has not provided a comment.