Ladies Women’s Guild closing in Chard after 42 years, blaming the closure on the 'retirement age' and the 'internet.' 

Aimee Hawkins said: "We only have 15 members, most “well into their 80s”. Blames internet and retirement age for lack of members."

Chard Women's Guild held a garden party tea on July 2 with the lady Mayoress Victoria Bates who officiated the closure of the club.

The first meeting of the Guild was 42 years ago at the Guildhall and since then, may charities around the tow have benefitted from their fundraising. The Guild also has an annual Poppy Wreath at the Remembrance Sunday commemoration. 

Aimee Hawkins added: "It was an incredible achievement that the Guild had been running for so long. Many Charities have benefited from all the hard work tenacity and most of all friendship.

"I wish to take a moment to acknowledge our two chairpersons, Linda Croton and Doreen Toms who have been keeping the Guild going. Pictured with our mayor at the last event. We all know this can be a juggling effort at times. There are also acknowledgements to other ladies Ann Seabright and Shirley Forks."