THE Inner Wheel of Chard club has welcomed past and present members, nearby clubs and special guests to celebrate the international organisation's centenary.

The Chard club held an afternoon tea to commemorate 100 years since the organisation's  first meeting was held in the Manchester Turkish Baths.

It has since grown to become one of the largest women’s voluntary organisations in the world, with members in 104 countries and representation at the United Nations.

The Chard club's oldest member Eileen and newest member Kate cut the celebration cake together at an afternoon tea.

President of the month Peggy Hannam then gave a speech about the early history of Inner Wheel and the impact it has made.

Eldest member Eileen and newest member Kate cut the cake!
(Image: Inner Wheel of Chard)

She also gave the amusing history of the Chard Club since formation in 1950.

A Chard Inner Wheel spokesperson said: "We went from raising money for the renovation of the Corn Exchange (which is now the Guildhall) to entering cup-winning floats in the Carnival on Dixon of Dock Green.

"To Jack Warner opening our fete, to the 21st birthday dinner dance in the Guildhall with the proceeds helping give the blind, guide dogs.

"Our 25th birthday was an excuse for another dinner dance with the London based Co-operation Choir, taking time out from their TV appearances, and instead play for us.

"There were performances including 'The Three Wheelers' showing The Three Degrees a thing or two at the Rotary Club’s 50th Anniversary Dinner and a phenomenal Christmas production of Cinderella had their audience in stitches. 

"The Club’s 50th anniversary saw a good attempt to set fire to the Hornsbury Mill! All was well until some candlewax got too soft and the 50 candles caught fire, however they were thankfully extinguished. 

"John Julius Norwich was the speaker on that occasion and other speakers have included Baroness Cox, Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords, about her international humanitarian and human rights work, and Brian Jones, the Round the World balloonist. We are so grateful to have had these people speak to us.

"Then Covid happened! when life changed for us all. We learned about technology so we could join regular Zoom meetings.

"After Covid, we instigated the Chard Community Showcase, supported by The Lord’s Larder, The Hub, WATCH, Nightingales, and the Youth Club amongst other organisations. We have welcomed new members whose support and contributions are now taking us into our 75th year with a new and positive outlook!"

Chard Inner Wheel has been meeting at Hornsbury Mill for 30 years. 

They took the opportunity to present owner Jane Nagle with some flowers and to thank her for looking after them so well.

The club loves visitors, so for more information, contact the Chard Club 01460 63856, or through the website