A MAN from Chard has been doing his bit in a bid to reduce speeding in his neighbourhood by cutting back overgrown hedges hiding a speed limit sign.

Rob Culliford decided to cut back the hedges on entry to Chard via Crewkerne Road as they obscured the 30mph speed signs, making it difficult for road users to see a change in the speed limit.

Chard & Ilminster News: The speed sign was covered by hedgesThe speed sign was covered by hedges (Image: Contributed)

Mr Culliford, who lives in Monmouth Close, said: “The cars coming along Crewkerne Road often exceed the 30mph, with some noticeably going much faster.

“This is a very clear concern for my neighbours, including those in Nursery Gardens and Lyddons Mead.

"It is hard to understand why residents have to take action, rather than the council coming to clear these overgrown hedges.”

“Lots of school children walk along Crewkerne Road, and if road users aren’t aware of the speed limit, it can be a serious safety concern. I can’t sit by and wait, knowing an accident could happen.

“I had to act.”

Mr Culliford lives with his family, five rescue dogs, and fifteen rescue cats.

He added, “My background of twelve years in the Royal Corps of Signals has taught me to be active in my community, and I encourage others in the community to take action in their own way.”

Mr Culliford said he was inspired by seeing other residents getting stuck in clearing drains and cutting back other hedges in the town.

“I saw my local town councillor Dave Bulmer’s efforts clearing drains during recent bad floods and thought I would do the same in my neighbourhood,” he said.

The unitary councillor for the division, Connor Payne, contacted Rob after hearing about his efforts to take action in the community.

Commenting on Rob’s actions, he said: “I am always delighted to see residents taking action to make their community and neighbourhood a safer place.

“Rob should be proud of his initiative, and it is important that residents get the recognition they deserve when making a difference. Thank you, Rob.”