A LONG-TERM member of a charity who “hardly missed a meeting” has celebrated her 90th birthday.

After an interesting talk from Rotary President, John Harris about his life in Banking, the ladies of Chard Inner Wheel were delighted to present long-term member Eileen Davies with the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers and a card to celebrate her 90th birthday at their recent meeting at Hornsbury Mill.

The Chard Inner Wheel said: “Eileen joined Inner Wheel in the 1970s and has been a hard-working and stalwart member ever since, she has hardly missed a meeting or event and joined in all the Zoom calls during lockdown.

“She has been President, has held various positions on the committee, and been the unofficial ‘Head of Catering’ for almost all the time she has been a member, organising food for both Inner Wheel and Rotary events, she is the ‘Queen of the Welsh Cake’.

Chard & Ilminster News:

“Those at the 2021 Community Showcase will remember Eileen in the kitchen, she just did not stop from start to finish.

“Eileen was the instigator of, and liaison for, the 30-year link between the Inner Wheel Club of Chard and the 7.30 Club for those over 18 with special needs."

Another memorable event organised by Eileen and the then President was the visit from the Children from Chernobyl to the Cricket St.

To mark World Inner Wheel Day, Chard Club celebrated the Centenary of the very first Inner Wheel Club which was started in Manchester on 10th January 1924, with a ‘Bring and Share’ Lunch in a member’s home where 100 cans were assembled to mark the 100 for 100 Inner Wheel Project.

These have been donated to the Chard Foodbank, The Lord’s Larder, for their store cupboard. Speaking to one of the volunteers we learned that there is a far greater demand upon their services this year.

The club said: “It is sad in this day and age that families need to ask for help, just to tide them over until the next payday, but life can be very difficult for anyone at times, regardless of income, work status, or family commitments.

“The hardest part will be walking through the door and asking for help, but once inside life will become easier because you are able to share the load and get help.”

Inner Wheel is now in over 100 countries promoting friendship and personal service at home and overseas.

The Chard Club meets on the second Monday of the month at Hornsbury Mill and more information can be obtained by phoning 01460 63856 or emailing innerwheel@uwclub.net