A RUNNER and gym teacher said she has completed “the toughest challenge” after running four marathons in as many days.

Lisa White works at the 1610 gym in Chard where she teaches group cycle classes and recently joined the Running Events Devon challenge.

She ran four marathons in four days, all completed in 4.5 hours, covering a total distance of 104.8 miles.

She said: “I completed four marathons in four days. I honestly found it the toughest challenge I have ever put myself through, physically and mentally.

“I went through all the emotions that you could ever go through as a runner because I only really run marathons and a couple of ultras.

“We experience a lot of self-talk, but never have I done a back-to-back marathon before well all these emotions and self-talk were more explosive.

“It wasn’t just during the run it was when I got home and had to get myself ready for the next day.

“Water, coffee for after, and a little snack, breakfast at the ready.

“Dealing with a sore body each night and getting heat on the muscles also cold shower when returning home for a quicker recovery, making sure I had a good solid meal each evening.

“Then get off to bed early to try and get a good night's sleep, but your body is sore so u have to get out of bed and walk around so you know you are able to get moving in the morning.

“I didn’t want anything to stop me from doing this challenge.

“Also didn’t want to injure myself. On the first day I set off with a reasonable pace and finished 4:26:01, second day I stuck with yet once again to a pace that was comfortable for me to get around the second time and finished at 4:30:36, and on the third day very sore, and finished at 4:31:08, and the final day I finished at 4:36:48.

“I am very proud to have achieved such an achievement. Yes, it was tough, the weather was brutal at times even the run itself was brutal having to deal with bleeding toes and fatigued muscles, but I pushed on.

“It has shown me what a strong lady I have become, mentally and physically.

“Thank you for all the support from the runners and the kind messages from you all. It means a lot.

Lisa also thanked her family and welcomed her first granddaughter, born during her challenge.