AN ANIMAL sanctuary is looking after two kittens that were discovered in a box by the bins on a busy main road.

Ferne Animal Sanctuary is trying to find a new home for the “poor little baby brothers”.

A spokesperson said: “These poor little baby brothers were handed in last week after being discovered in a box by the bins next to a busy main road.

“There was one more who sadly didn't make it. They are all underweight and literally screaming for food.

“We are confident they will fully recover in no time and soon be ready to go to homes.

“It still shocks us that anyone could be so callous with such vulnerable little beings yet sadly it is not that uncommon.

“There is plenty of support available for those in need of help with neutering cats through organisations such as Cats Protection League or RSPCA

“Hopefully, the upcoming cat microchipping legislation will help slow the tide of abandoned cats that we are all battling. This year seems to have been a particularly bad one for cats.”