FERNE sanctuary is asking residents to help animals in need by choosing a sponsorship plan this Christmas.

Ferne Animal Sanctuary is encouraging people to become a vital part in the animals’ story with three levels of sponsorship.

People can opt for Paw sponsorship level, you will receive a beautiful printed or digital pack including a personalised certificate, free day pass to the Sanctuary, a photo of your chosen animal and their story, four seasonal Ferne postcards, and a stunning bookmark, plus additional activity sheets and a Freddie Ferne logobug in the children’s packs.

Hoof-level sponsorship includes a digital pack plus the chance to meet your sponsored animal.

Trotter level sponsorship includes a half-day ‘farm experience’ with the Animal Care team, alongside a digital pack.

A spokesperson said: “We have 12 animals available for sponsorship, all with their own stories and needs, and you will be making a profound impact on their lives with your gift today.

Take Arnie for example. Arnie is a miniature Shetland pony who is a big part of our herd of ‘minis’.

“He is a sweet and gentle soul who loves a pampering but will also give Wotsit, our other Shetland, a run for his money if there is food involved.

“He also has a habit of falling hard in love with any new mares who join his herd, but soon gets bored and goes back to grazing.

“Arnie came to Ferne with several long-term health conditions, all of which require daily medication, monitoring, and regular checks with our equine vets.

“All of this is expensive and hard work for our incredible Animal Care team, but without Ferne, we do not know what would have happened to little Arnie.

“He is currently around 9 years old, but miniature Shetlands can live into their 30s, meaning that we will need to be there for Arnie for many years to come, but we cannot do this without you.”

By purchasing a sponsorship as a gift this Christmas, you will be ensuring that animals like Arnie can live safe, pain-free lives here at Ferne.

You will be the gentle touch of a hand to show them that they are loved, the tasty meal to fill their belly, and the warm bed so that they can sleep easy without fear.

Sponsorships start from £3 a month.