THE recent heavy downpours are causing road closures and affecting properties in the Chard and Ilminster areas.

Several road closures are in place, the A358 is currently closed at Donyatt while the A356 is closed from the A303 junction to Crewkerne.

The heavy rain, however, is also affecting properties, especially at Chard Junction.

Julia Young is dealing with floods at her house in the Station Road area.

Her garden and annex have been affected and water could also be seen inside her property. 

Chard & Ilminster News:

Chard & Ilminster News:

She said: “We are about halfway down the road but all the water runs off the field and down the road really quickly.

“We have an annex at the bottom of the garden and that’s flooded. We have to wait for the rain to stop and clear up.

“Two days ago we flooded in the bedroom and the hall. We have a pump system in place to put the water out, but when it rains like this it’s not enough.

“They do take care of drains regularly. Since it flooded really badly four years ago, they do clear them, so I’m not complaining with the council.

“It’s just the amount of rain. We will have to put more pumps in the ground.”

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service attended several incidents in which "vehicles were trapped in floodwater".

A spokesperson for the service said one of those incidents took place on Station Road, in Chard Junction.

The spokesperson also added "there are no reports of any injuries or casualties".