YEAR 6 students from Chard School had the privilege of participating in an enriching workshop at the Lord's Larder, the town's food bank.

The event marked a collaboration between the school and the charity, solidifying their commitment to supporting the community.

Chard & Ilminster News:

During the workshop, the students, from the Year 6 Upper Cerdic class, gained firsthand insights into the invaluable work carried out by the Lord's Larder within the community.

They enthusiastically delved into the contents of a typical food parcel, gaining a deeper understanding of the essential items that families in need receive.

A highlight of the day was when the Year 6 students took it upon themselves to meticulously assemble food parcels, directly contributing to the Lord's Larder's mission.

Chard & Ilminster News:

Their willingness to get involved and make a positive impact left a lasting impression on all present.

Chard School extends its gratitude to Maurice and the dedicated staff at the Lord's Larder for generously sharing their time and expertise with the students.

Their informative session shed light on the vital role the charity plays in addressing food poverty, and it is hoped that this experience will inspire the students to continue supporting such essential initiatives.

Chard & Ilminster News:

As we approach the season of giving, Chard School is proud to have contributed food donations from our school community during Harvest, which have been gratefully received by the Lord's Larder.

These contributions represent a collective effort to ensure that families facing food poverty in our local area have access to the essential food supplies they need.

Chard School remains committed to fostering community spirit and compassion among its students, and the workshop at the Lord's Larder stands as a testament to the positive impact of such collaborations.