A MUSICIAN whose dream was to open a shop and sell instruments is starting a business in Chard town centre.

Dan Shortland, who now lives in Ilminster, is opening Somerset Music Academy, in Chard at 2 Stringfellow Gallery, Holyrood Street, this Saturday (August 5).

The shop will sell guitars, ukuleles, and pianos while also providing tuition and lessons.

Dan, who is been playing the guitar since he was six, said: “This is the first music shop we open.

“We are teaching-based really. We teach in schools across Somerset, and we have six teachers who go around these schools on our behalf.

“During Covid, we started selling instruments to students. We also do repairs.

“All that just developed to have a store after Covid. We are selling guitars, ukuleles, and pianos.

“From my side of things, it’s always been my dream to own a music shop. I play the guitar since I was six and I always wanted to provide instruments.

“But the main reason behind having a shop is that a guitar is not like a car. You buy a car, and you expect to be on the road straight away.

“Shops do not do the tuning and do not give technical advice anymore and I want to go back to shops like that.

“The idea is to have the guitar exactly the way you want it to be when you leave the store.”

The shop will open this Saturday at 10am and some offers will be available.