THORNCOMBE St Mary’s, a primary school near Chard, has achieved an outstanding level of 100 per cent in the SATs reading exams with 34 per cent achieving Greater Depth after sitting their SATs exams in May 2023 with the rest of the country.

The Government’s Standard and Testing Agency test school children twice during their years at Primary, once at the end of Key Stage 1 and once at the end of Key Stage 2.

For Key Stage 2, it has been found that 73 per cent of children have reached the expected standard for reading.

Miss Taylor, a Year 6 teacher at Thorncombe has commented on the excellent results and said: "I am so incredibly proud of each of our Year 6 pupils.

"They have excelled this year and have each made well above their own individual expected progress.

"Reading unlocks so many doors to children and I feel confident that this achievement will support them as they move into their next exciting chapter in Secondary School."

Written by Esther Davies