A PRIMARY school in Chard raised £450 for a charity that tackles poverty.

The children of Winsham Primary (part of The Redstart Learning Partnership) chose to undertake a sponsored walk to raise money for Tearfund as part of their learning and reflection around the importance of being a 'global neighbour'.

On Friday, June 30, they set off from school and walked to Forde Abbey, where the owners kindly gave them permission to rest and recover - and have a snack - before setting back off to school.

The children's ages ranged from 4 - 11 years old but there were no complaints of tired legs, no one struggled, and we all completed the walk with smiles on our faces.

While at Forde Abbey, a member of the public was so impressed by the children's behaviour and the fact that they had wanted to raise money, that the children were given an extra donation to add to the funds they had raised.

A school’s spokesperson said: “I am proud to say that we raised a grand total of £450.

“Then on Monday, July 3, a little later than the official date, we recognised 'Wallace and Gromit's Wrong Trousers Day' in school.

“A KS2 pupil is currently undergoing treatment for a brain tumour and the children all wanted to show their appreciation for the care she is being given at Bristol Hospital. We had trousers with pineapples on, colourful sportswear and Batman PJs to name but a few. We raised £50.

“Leo from Winsham said the Tearfund walk ‘was quite a lot of walking but it was worth it.'”

Emma Johns, Head of School said: “Our values at Winsham are important to us and run through all we do.

“We promote the value of community and living well together, both at a local level as well as with our global neighbours. These fundraising activities, chosen by the children, reflect this focus.”