LOUIS Skupien is a 20-year-old podcaster, tennis athlete, and business entrepreneur from Barrington.

Around one and a half years ago, Louis started the Talk4 Podcast, which began with a simple concept of asking four questions to unique, interesting, or famous guests about their careers and expertise.

His podcast is focused on being quick-fire and short in format, to set it apart from the other lengthy podcasts that dominate the web.

Talk4 Podcast quickly gained attention, and the calibre of guests went through the roof along with the number of views.

Some examples of the impressive guests who have been on the podcast so far are: A Top Gun graduate fighter pilot, Seal Team 6 GOLD Squadron Navy Seals, actors from movies and series such as Karate Kid, Prometheus, Game of Thrones, Cobra Kai, The Hobbit, SEAL TEAM, SAS Who Dares Wins, scuba divers, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champions, an ultra marathon running world champion, authors, CEOs and more.

Currently at 8,500 subscribers (3,000 of which have subscribed in the past 30 days) and 350,000 views on YouTube, the podcast is gaining traction daily.

Being both entertaining and time efficient, Louis’ podcast is a worthwhile listen, and he uses his platform to tell inspiring stories as well as give noteworthy advice.

Written by Laila Dimmock