CORNISH celebrity chef James Strawbridge stars in a new series of ‘Rooting for Real Farms’ featuring a Crewkerne farm.

The series has had hundreds of thousands of views and features some of the UK’s leading foodies, including Strawbridge, TV chef and Cornish food enthusiast, and sustainable living expert.

The pork comes from Coombe Farm Organic, near Crewkerne, which has pigs that are free to roam outdoors, meaning they are healthy and never need antibiotics, whereas pigs in factory farms have to be routinely dosed with antibiotics so they can survive the overcrowded conditions.

Chard & Ilminster News: Coombe Farm OrganicCoombe Farm Organic

The flavour of the pork raised slowly and naturally at Coombe Farm Organic is second to none says James.

He said: “Lower quality pork can be cheap and people think this is the way pork tastes but as soon as you have real good quality pork you start to realise that, by paying a little bit more to have higher welfare pork, the flavour is on a whole other level and second to none.

“We all need to back British farms that have a far higher level of animal welfare and farming standards which not only produce more delicious meat, but are far better for our economy, health and the environment.”