ALMOST 100 new houses could be built on the edge of Crewkerne if plans are approved.

The original proposal to start development on Land South of Kithill included 150 homes and was refused in 2018 but then approved on appeal.

Outline permission was given by South Somerset District Council in 2018 and the developer has now revealed detailed plans for the site.

A Reserved Matters Application has been recently submitted by Pegasus Planning Group Ltd “for 89 homes, public open space, and local equipped area of play” on Land South Of Kithill, which is now pending.

Residents in the area objected to the proposal and here are some comments made back in 2018.

Ann Cossins said: “I wish to object to this proposed development for all the reasons in my original letter.

“This amendment is specifically about Cathole Bridge Road but no mention of the entrance into the development on a brow of a hill, is this now not an issue?

“The road would be difficult to widen and who would be paying for it and subsequent maintenance? Since the houses have been built between Maiden Beech and Cathole Bridge Road there has been very little hedge cutting making visibility along the road much worse.

“The road is used as a rat run now and extra traffic will make it more hazardous to drive.”

Another resident, Derek Murless, said: “The latest information from Pegasus does not change my objections submitted previously.

“The infrastructure of Crewkerne is inadequate to support further housing.

“I believe Kithill was designed to link with the bypass from the East and exit at Maiden Beech but the Kingswood development has now precluded this.

“The original taller light standards for a main road have now been replaced by the shorter ones for an urban road.

“I reiterate the proposed entry into the land is not appropriate and the planning committee should reject this application.”

Tony Jackson listed several points when objecting to the plan including “the access onto Lang Road has very poor visibility because it is on a brow of a hill;”

A “junction 50m away with Cathole Bridge Road has restricted traffic flow in both directions within 20m of junction;”

“Possible parking problems for Manor View Road” and “poor drainage, pumped sewage up to Lang Road, disruption for larger pipe to be installed”.