CRICKET St Thomas local and born adventurer Dougal Glaisher is currently on a surfski adventure with no destination as he raises funds for Action4Diabetes.

The 22-year-old suffers with Type 1 diabetes himself and is using this trip as a way to redefine what is possible with this condition.

He said: "An added challenge to my adventure is type 1 diabetes – something I live with every day.

"I’m redefining what’s possible with T1D and proving that this disease shouldn’t stop you from doing anything. By documenting my diabetes management I hope to inspire others and raise awareness."

Dougal started his journey on his kayak back in August 2021 and has journeyed around the Brittany coast, across to France and along the Mediterranean coastline to his current way point of Genoa, Italy.

Along the way he said he has been so impressed with people's kindness.

"I am carrying all my camping equipment and medical supplies with me so it has been tough, however the people I have met along the way have been amazing.

"Everyone has been so kind to me and especially the last couple of days I have been treated to warm beds and pizza and pasta."

Dougall said this is a trip he has wanted to do since he was younger and that diabetes has made it hard but was not going to stop his adventure.

"Of course it has been challenging physically and mentally but this is something I have always wanted to do really and I am proud that I am doing it.

"The idea of having no set route or no end destination has given me a lot of freedom and it really has been great."

In August this year, Dougal will be taking a break from his kayaking adventure as he has been asked to join a cycling inspired fundraising adventure.

"I’ve been given an amazing opportunity to join a team led by type 1 diabetic mountaineer Jerry Gore on the insulin 360 challenge, with the aim of raising money for Action 4 Diabetes.

"In August I’ll take a break from my kayak and join the team to attempt to traverse the entire Southern French Alps on mountain bikes for 360km of spectacular terrain, all in a week."

If you would like to help Dougal you can donate to his JustGiving page at