A GROUP of workers improving the pavements of Fore Street in Chard have been praised for their thoughtfulness and acts of kindness by members of the public.

People have shared their experiences of the workers' generosity after a Chard resident shared a picture of them helping a man load his mobility scooter into his car boot on Facebook.

Work to make Fore Street safer and more accessible began in November and forms part of the Chard Regeneration Scheme. 

The work will see the pavement widened and re-paved with natural stone in some places.

Cllr Jason Baker, the district council's portfolio holder for Chard Regeneration, said the improvements to Fore Street “will play a large part in improving the town centre environment, ultimately making Chard a better place to live, work and visit”.

The pictures of two workers helping the man with his mobility scooter were shared in the Chard Facebook group on Thursday, May 12 by Nicole Hooper. 

Chard & Ilminster News: Two men in high-visibility jackets help a man lift his mobility scooter into his car. Picture: Nicole HooperTwo men in high-visibility jackets help a man lift his mobility scooter into his car. Picture: Nicole Hooper

She wrote: “How amazing our these guys fitting our new pavements?

“A small act of kindness goes a very long way, especially for this gentleman.”

Other residents have written about their own experiences of “kind and thoughtful” workers' acts in the comments.

One local person commented: “That’s so lovely to see, we walked past with my grandson a number of weeks ago and they stopped drilling so it didn’t wake or frighten the baby. Such a lovely thing to do.”

Another said they “also stopped drilling when I’ve walked past with dogs so as not to scare them”.

They have since been praised for giving assistance a woman who suffered a fall; helping a mother carry her pram out of the Post Office, and carrying heavy bags for people. 

One resident said: “Bless their hearts, such a great bunch of lads. I think our town is looking amazing.”

Another wrote: “All the workmen we have seen are really friendly. My one-year-old always looks out for the man driving the forklift so he can wave to him and he always waves back and gives a little beep. Makes my son's day every time!”