A CHARD nursery is celebrating a successful Ofsted report.

Honeycomb Nursery School has achieved ‘outstanding’ results after an inspection in March.

Manager Penny Kilbride, and the deputy manager, Banah Crook, are delighted to announce that Honeycomb Nursery School has received an 'Outstanding' result in all areas.

The inspector reported that “children flourish at the Nursery and have a zest for learning. Children thrive on the excellent support they receive from the staff.

“The staff listens carefully to the children valuing their opinions. Children develop impressive levels of independence.

“The well-qualified manager and staff are experienced in their roles and passionate about providing outstanding care and learning for children and establishing outstanding partnerships with parents.

“The leadership and management of the Nursery are exceptional. The manager works incredibly closely with the staff.

Together they thoroughly evaluate every aspect of the provision and continually enhance their skills.”

On a personal note, Penny would like to thank Banah for her extraordinary determination and enthusiasm to help Honeycomb gain an Outstanding result and to the parents and children for their support and input on that day and always.

There are a few nursery places left for 3-year-olds from September 2022.

For further information please contact Penny at penny.kilbride@btinternet.com.