A LIFE coach is promoting a monthly workshop to tackle the impact of isolation and improve mental wellbeing.

Louise Borthwick, is an accredited therapeutic master practitioner life coach who wants to end the loneliness that is a result of years of isolation and raise awareness for mental health week (May 9 to May 15).

Louise said ‘Doomscrolling’ negative news had a serious psychological impact on many people since the start of the pandemic.

She knows that when we take action to develop our wellbeing it will naturally improve, and that is why she has decided to collaborate with others to offer a full interactive wellbeing experience, The Masterclass Retreat Day, at the beautiful Eaglewood Park in Ilminster.

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Eaglewood Park in Ilminster

Consisting of a structured 4-hour Wellbeing Workshop held at The Greenhouse on different topics with lunch, followed by a guided meditation and spa treatments at Transformations Spa.

Louise said: “I had got stuck in my comfort zone where I felt isolated and lonely, it took me a lot of determination and energy to get back out there in the world, if it was hard for me, then I know others are experiencing the same or worse.

“I had to find a way to get back out into the community and out of the house, to mix with others where I could experience interaction again.

“I had become lethargic, despondent, and stuck in my own fears and thoughts, so I decided to step out of my comfort zone and collaborate with others and do something positive.”

She knows first-hand the crippling repercussions of feeling alone, a survivor of childhood trauma herself, she recognises just how loneliness can trigger deeper mental health issues and unresolved childhood traumas.

Louise also added: “I realised that what had happened in the last three years had impacted us all in so many negative ways, and I felt compelled to take steps to improve this, not just for me but for others too.

“The knock-on effect of the last three years has massively affected wellbeing in numerous ways, contributed to the rise in mental and emotional health issues, and caused us to feel despondent, isolated, and lonely in our own homes.

“I know it is time for change and new approaches, I can help people to break out of their loneliness using the Empowerment Programme, a combined therapeutic approach based in sociological and psychological theory, facilitated using coaching techniques in a quick and easy to follow the life-change programme.”

These workshop events will be run once a month, the first one being on Monday, May 23 2022.

They are an opportunity to really take action on mental and emotional health issues and learn new tools and techniques to improve wellbeing in a safe environment.

For more information contact email Louise Borthwick (Dip, FdSc, BA Hons) at louise@empoweredrelationships.co.uk