CHARD Hockey Club's men's first team have gone a whole season unbeaten and are the runaway champions of the Men's Parrett Division One league.

Their final game of the season was cancelled at the weekend as West Dorset 2nd's were unable to raise a team, meaning that after 21 games, Chard have won them all.

This includes ten home wins and eleven away wins and 135 goals scored.

We caught up with team captain Jonny Crease to discuss his invincible side.

"It feels so good to go a whole season unbeaten.

"Especially after last season where we were building up some momentum and doing well all for the season to be postponed due to Covid, which was a downer.

"So to come back this time out and win every game and score well over a 100 goals is really special, all the guys have earned this," Crease said.

There has been some big wins for Chard throughout the campaign but also some tough games as well.

Crease said right from the start of the campaign the team has focussed hard on building fitness and team ethic which has helped them throughout the season.

"The majority of our games this season have been challenging and all teams put up a good fight.

"We have had some games where we have won by double digits which is great, but the more enjoyable games for us has been the tougher ones for sure.

"One I can remember in particular was away against Shepton Mallet, they really took the game to us but our fitness showed as in the last 20 minutes we scored all our goals and took the win.

"That proved to us that all our hard work on team ethics and squad fitness had paid off."

For next season, Chard will now play in a more central league against teams from Bristol and Exeter.

"Going forward our goal is to keep improving and compete in the league next season, I am confident we can do that."

To finish, Jonny wanted to thank everyone who played a part in helping the team go a whole season unbeaten.

"First of all massive thanks to my fellow players this season, they all worked very hard to achieve our common goal.

"I also want to thank the supporters and parents who have played a huge part in our success as well.

"A special mention to the second and third team captains for being supportive and allowing us to call-up players over the course of the campaign."

This Friday night (April 8), Chard Hockey Club are holding their end of season awards event and will celebrate this amazing campaign as a group.