RESIDENTS on a street in Chard have had seven recycling collections in the past six months.

Houses on Furnham Road have been missed off the collection list since the new Recycle More scheme started in South Somerset.

The first collection for the five houses involved was on July 20 - nearly a month after the Recycle More rollout.

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And there have been random collections since.

The residents believed the problem was sorted in October when there were three collections in a row - but this did not last.

To combat the problem, some have put their recycling bins on different streets, just so it would be collected, and one man ran after the collection lorry and begged drivers to take it.

Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) has said 'errors can happen' and they are 'sorry for any problems'.

Bob Taylor, who lives with his wife Liz on Furnham Road, said he feels the recycling system must be in 'complete disarray'.

"Blaming a shortage of lorry drivers in this case is not accurate because all around us recycling is getting picked up," he said.

"However, we have obviously been left out of every route list since the system change.

"From here on, we are loathe to continue recycling, but worry about food waste being left in landfill bins for the three weekly pick up."

Mr Taylor explained that there is no problem with the black bin collections from the properties.

"Everytime we have complained, we have been told someone will collect the recycling within two days - but that never happens," he added.

Helen Strawbridge, another resident on Furnham Road, said her husband has taken the recycling to another street to get picked up.

"It must all be done on postcodes, but does seem a bit ridiculous we are missed out," she said.

SWP said they are sorry for the problem.

A spokesperson added: "We make more than 400,000 collections each week and the vast majority go smoothly, but errors can happen and we are sorry for any problems.

"This is being investigated and will be sorted out.

“We always encourage people to report any missed collections, online through our website if possible.

"In the vast majority of cases they are returned for within two days.”