RESIDENTS are outraged at plans to build nearly 100 homes in South Chard, due to traffic and infrastructure issues.

The Crossman Group asked for residents’ views in August over proposals for a new development planned for the eastern side of the B3167 Perry Street in Tatworth, a stone’s throw from the Devon and Dorset borders.

Following local feedback, formal plans for the new estate have been submitted by the Bath-based developer, with the number of homes being slightly reduced to 97.

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But residents who live close by to the development are not happy about the plans.

Many are concerned about the infrastructure in Tatworth, and worry that an increase in people will leave schools, doctors surgeries, dentists and more struggling.

Gemma Grinter, who lives opposite the site, said: "Chard has several large developments having been or being built, yet no more doctors, schools, dentists and so on and the people of these areas are already struggling to get their basic needs met, let alone adding even more houses within a local village.

"Personally I would reject this development based on the lack of infrastructure alone."

There are also concerns about the volume of traffic already on Perry Street.

Residents say the traffic survey was carried out over four days - and two of these were at the weekend, which they believe is not a fair representation of the traffic volume in the area.

"Tatworth simply is not big enough to deal with the volume of traffic it gets now between 8.30am and 3.30pm, so how on earth it will cope with potentially hundreds more cars passing through I do not know," added Genna Miller, another resident who lives in the area.

"I really feel like whoever proposed it hasn’t witnessed those times in the village.

"People who live on Dyke Hill are having their cars battered and smashed to bits almost every month because the amount of traffic that uses that stretch.

"The roads around Tatworth are chaos at the times of the school runs. Walking my children to school along School Lane is like playing with fire most days, so that’ll be a lot worse as people will use that as a route when they come straight across from the main road."

A total of 293 car parking spaces and 256 cycle spaces are planned for the site, along with a community orchard, a children’s play area and public open space at the eastern edge.

The residents who live nearby are also concerned about flooding and drainage issues.

One said: "Flooding will become an issue with nowhere for the rainwater to drain away through field’s naturally, not to mention that the village is covered with natural springs.

"With housing developments spreading from Combe to Chard, Chard to Forton and the large developments in Axminster, well we just don’t need more housing in the village."

The Crossman Group has been contacted for comment, but failed to reply before the deadline.

To view the plans visit, with reference 21/03296/OUT.

Residents have until tomorrow (December 15) to submit comments.

South Somerset District Council is expected to make a decision on the proposals by the summer of 2022.